A campaign supported by the people, so we can get to work for the people.

To ensure the future of our democracy, that we the people drive the future of our city, our campaign has pledged not to accept any corporate, PAC, or special interest money. We deserve leaders who will put their constituents first, not the interests of those organizations who fund their campaign.
— Nicholas Balderas

Nicholas Balderas

Meet your next city councilman for District 9.



As a candidate for San Antonio City Council, my focus is on the issues, topics, and concerns that matter to you, the citizens of District 9. My goal is engaging my future constituents at the most local level and avoid “sound bite” political discourse in favor of fact-based, solution-oriented leadership methods.



Community Safety




Whether you would like to give your time or donate, we cannot change the status-quo of our local political system without you. The change we want to see is possible, but it takes people like you to help make it happen. Join us.